In 2020, you have to be able to identify which documents you need to keep in hard copy for compliance purposes in your line of business or because they will be required regularly in hard copy form and which you can get away with going paperless. Each business is unique but the general basics are the same. A good filing system will include in the following:

Hard Copies in Lockable Cabinet:

  • Company Administrative Documents
  • Employee Files
  • Business Insurance Details
  • Latest Version Company Policies

Soft Copies:

  • Accounts Payable Folder – with purchase orders, invoices, proof of payments and statements
  • Accounts Receivable Folder – with invoices and customer statements with dates paid
  • Contracts folder

Document management should be included in a policy where all staff are trained so that it is easy to store and retrieve information. The document management policy should include the names of the files and the ways that document names should be saved.

We assist in developing a custom filing system to ensure that your company can easily store and retrieve documents that it needs to operate efficiently.